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The Right Flooring for Your Next Project

National Floors Direct on Choosing The Right Flooring for Your Next Project

National Floors Direct is a nationally recognized installer of high-quality flooring and carpet. What separates National Floors Direct from other flooring installers is competitive prices, their commitment to dealing only in Healthy Home Certified products, their cumulative 75 years of experience, and National Floors Direct’s reputation for one-of-a-kind service.


With the spring and summer months just around the corner, we asked the National Floors Direct team how to pick the right flooring material for a new project. Here’s what they had to say.


When selecting your next flooring, National Floors Direct states it’s essential to be mindful of the following factors for durability, budget, and lifestyle.


How Wet do You Expect the Area to Be?

Kitchens and bathrooms can be very damp areas, depending on who uses them. Bedrooms should be reasonably dry, as should living rooms. If you expect the area you’re renovating to be damp or occasionally wet, consider a flooring material suited to these conditions, such as ceramic, vinyl tile, vinyl planks, or porcelain.


Do You Have Pets?

If you have pets, no matter how well-behaved they are, you can expect the occasional accident. Dogs can be tough on surfaces, mainly when they are large and have long nails. Smaller pets are relatively easy on your flooring. If you have large or especially active pets, a high durability flooring such a laminate or plank vinyl may be best.


What’s Your Budget Per Square Foot?

It’s important to know how much square footage you intend to cover and select a flooring type that meets your budgetary needs. Budget flooring tends to cost less than $2.00 per square foot. The median range tends to fall between $2.00 and $5.00 per Square foot, and higher quality flooring will usually cost $5 or more per square foot.


Do You Need Low Maintenance Materials?

Low maintenance flooring can be nice, but it might not meet your style preferences. Determine how much maintenance you are willing to put into your flooring investment and choose a material accordingly.


The National Floors Direct team reminded us that Luxury Vinyl flooring is relatively affordable compared to marble and hardwood, and it is highly durable. To learn more, get in touch with National Floors Direct today.


National Floors Direct Reviews Provides Tips on How to Choose the Right Flooring for Your Next Project

Learn how others got a grip on their new projects with National Floors Direct Reviews . When Is The Last Time You Got Anything For Free? National Floors Direct Reviews Is Giving It Away!

What is free? Concepts on what works best for your new flooring project can be found on National Floors Direct Reviews. It is essential to consider what type of room you are designing. If you are planning a living room or a family area that receives a lot of traffic, you should consider getting flooring that will look great and resistant to wear. You’ll also find LVT or Luxury Vinyl Tile on National Floors Direct Reviews. This is a cost-effective and beautiful alternative to regular ceramic tile that comes in various designs. You can choose LVT that looks exactly like hardwood flooring or any tile design imaginable.

Hardwood is more expensive and should be reserved for your show places. Your show places are your concept. Your show place may be your master bedroom suite or your entrance room. Hardwood is durable but requires some maintenance so that it can look its best. National Floors Direct Reviews has a wide variety of reviews on hardwood flooring projects.

Many people choose carpeting for their bedroom areas for the soft and luxurious feel. There’s nothing like getting out of bed and stepping onto a plush and cozy surface. Reviewers rave in their National Floors Direct Reviews that they have the ability to install the next day once you choose! Your home could give your home the revival it needs in one day with National Floors Direct.

Laminate flooring is an alternative to hardwood flooring, which gives you the same look at a fraction of the price. Laminate is also a great choice if you have children and pets because it can be cleaned easily. Laminate flooring is also much easier to take care of. Other ideas for laminate flooring can be found on National Floors Direct Reviews.

National Floors Direct Reviews Has Raves About Their Installation

Simply put, you cannot get a better bang for your buck anywhere. Customers use National Floors Direct Reviews to boast about the guarantee. They are guaranteed to beat any flooring project price by 15%. If there is another competitor that beats the price, your project is free. National Floors Direct reviews note that the staff comes right to your home to show you what your flooring will look like before choosing. They bring samples along with them. 

You get to see how the flooring will look in the room and the lighting you use. National Floors Direct reviews reflect that the company has everything in stock. You don’t have to wait for the items to be ordered. You can view the samples, pick the flooring, and have the flooring installed the very next day! Waiting for weeks and weeks for your order to come in is eliminated. National Floors Direct Reviews give the consumer a great look at their high quality and high standards.

National Floors Direct Reviews: The New Shaw SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring Offers Many Benefits

National Floors Direct has announced that it is one of the first specialty flooring retailers to carry Shaw’s latest SPC luxury vinyl planks and tile products for floor installations. National Floors Direct reviews indicate that these vinyl flooring solutions are an excellent option for upscaling older vinyl, finding budget-friendly solutions while maintaining key style points, and other useful commercial and residential advantages.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Benefits

According to National Floors Direct reviews, Older vinyl flooring was known to be an affordable flooring option, and easy to install. However, modern vinyl flooring composition goes far beyond what was previously possible, and Shaw’s SPC products are an excellent example. Important benefits include.

SPC Construction: National Floors Direct reviews point out that SPC flooring has a very specific meaning when looking at vinyl floors. SPC models have a thin, durable core made from polyvinyl chloride, limestone powder, and stabilizing materials. This makes these vinyl floors particularly tough, able to stand up to heavier foot traffic, while still being as affordable as traditional vinyl materials.

Wide Variety of Styles: Vinyl has also been a particular versatile flooring material, and Shaw’s luxury offering is far from an exception. National Floors Direct reviews clearly show that the SPC planks and tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, and is particularly adept at mimicking other types of flooring. Options for this vinyl material include wood grain patterns and shading to closely imitate a wide variety of wood types, ceramic-vein tiles, many different stain colors, grout line shapes to imitate other types of tile, and more. Shaw’s excellent production renders these flooring options more beautiful and realistic than ever before.

Highly Durable: Shaw SPC-core vinyl tile is also incredibly durable and, according to National Floors Direct reviews, entirely waterproof. Drawbacks to earlier vinyl installations were that they were susceptible to moisture damage and high-humidity. But the combination of advanced materials and better installation practices, as seen in National Floors Direct reviews, allow this flooring to move beyond such constraints. That makes the plank and tile versions of this flooring suitable for high-traffic areas, and even a potential consideration for basements and bathroom areas, depending on local regulations.

Easy Cleaning: In addition to being fully waterproof and durable, this SPC-core vinyl flooring is also especially easy to clean. Unlike hardwoods, marble, or more delicate flooring materials, National Floors Direct reviews report that this vinyl is resistant to staining and can be quickly cleaned at a moment’s notice. It’s also easy to clean broad sections of the floor type in only a short time.

As Suitable for Commercial Spaces as Residential: These advantages combine to make this vinyl flooring option an excellent choice for businesses as well as homes, especially companies that want to capture a certain aesthetic at manageable costs. National Floors Direct reviews can help companies and owners pick the right option for their goals.

National Floors Direct reviews agree that this premiere vinyl flooring represents a valuable opportunity for upgrades, finding affordable ways to mimic elite materials, making sure floors are waterproof and much more.

National Floors Direct Reviews Its High Standards for Stocked Products

The Power of Brands: Why You Should Choose From the Name Brand Flooring Companies Offer at National Floors Direct & Why That Leads to Good National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct has added even more inventory from North America’s leading name-brand flooring companies. By ensuring that they only stock the best in consumer goods, National Floors Direct reviews have consistently remained positive, reflective of the company’s dedication to providing high-quality products.

Nearly two decades ago, National Floors Direct made the move from brick-and-mortar shop to primarily an online retailer of high-quality flooring products. Then as is now, most of the competition retailers were content offering any brand flooring, serving solely as the middle-man. National Floors Direct changed the equation by stocking only the best and most trusted in name brand flooring, a testament shown in National Floors Direct reviews.

To illustrate their commitment to high-quality brands, late last year, after stringent testing and talks, National Floors Direct added Mohawk flooring to their list of suppliers. Mohawk was added after its unique laminate sandwich composite was thoroughly tested for longevity and durability, with its unique aluminum crystal fusion technology showcasing its ability to withstand surface scratches. Today, Mohawk flooring has become one of the best-rated floorings in recent National Floors Direct reviews.

There are two primary reasons why homeowners, landlords, and go-getter renters should choose from National Floors Direct’s brand names and not the first cheap flooring advertisement they see and those reasons are quality and warranty. Name brand flooring is a large part of why National Floors Direct reviews are consistently positive, because at the end of the day, what the consumer wants is a great-looking floor that will withstand the wear and tear of general life and one that they know is backed by a warranty they can trust.

All name brand flooring companies bill their reputation on providing a comprehensive warranty that will back the trust inherent in purchasing their name brand, and that reflects back upon National Floors Direct reviews. For example, with every Mohawk flooring installed through National Floors Direct, consumers will enjoy upwards of a 30-year warranty depending upon the product of their choice — and those warranties go a long way in proving the high-quality of the product. With Mohawk luxury vinyl flooring, owners will enjoy a general manufacturing defect warranty as well as warranties that tenure that the flooring will remain 100% waterproof, resist normal wear and tear and staining throughout the lifetime of the warranty and that the integrated Unidrop joint locking system will not fail. Good warranties lead to good customer satisfaction and good National Floors Direct reviews.

These types of warranties and verifiable premium products are not something that can readily be found at a local warehouse or at many big-box retailers both online and off that seek only to sell any good and not to ensure consumers are offered only the best goods. Those trusted good are backed in National Floors Direct reviews.

National Floors Direct Reviews Understood: Bringing the Best Reviewed Products to Consumers

Earlier this year, National Floors Direct opened up a brand-new, state-of-the-art distribution center in Astoria, NY. This distribution center spans 60,000 square feet and has further enabled the company to meet the increasing demand consumers across the Northeast have in seeking out the highest-quality and best-reviewed flooring around. When it comes to National Floors Direct reviews, it’s making these high-quality products available at the best prices to consumers that earns the company its high reputation.

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Offers One of the Largest Selections of Commercial Restaurant Flooring to Revamp Your Restaurant

National Floors Direct offers one of the largest selections of commercial restaurant flooring to help revamp your business.

Positive first impressions are essential in the restaurant business, and flooring is one of the first features your customers see. Sure, a restaurant’s food can speak for itself, but it’s no secret that diners enjoy eating in a comfortable and attractive space. National Floors Direct offers one of the world’s largest selections of commercial restaurant flooring to help you revamp your restaurant’s look and keep customers coming back for more.

“Old, worn out flooring reflects negatively on your business,” National Floors Direct experts say. “It shows that you don’t care about upkeep, and customers think that may be reflected in the kitchen as well.”

National Floors Direct offers attractive and affordable solutions that make revamping your restaurant’s flooring easier than ever. The National Floors Direct flooring experts state that luxury vinyl is the quick, easy, and affordable choice your restaurant needs. Even more, National Floors Direct offers a luxury vinyl flooring option to suit every type of restaurant, from Michelin-starred eateries to fast food joints.

Experts state that commercial flooring is essential for restaurants. What many buyers don’t know is that commercial flooring is slip-resistant. This helps prevent lawsuits due to customer injury. Even more, most commercial vinyl flooring options, like those available at National Floors Direct, are non-flammable. This reduces the risk of a fire destroying your restaurant and possibly harming customers and personnel. Even more, commercial flooring is drastically more durable than residential flooring. Your restaurant likely sees hundreds of customers per day, and you need flooring that is up to the task.

The experts at National Floors Direct explain that luxury vinyl is extremely durable. It also has the ability to mimic other types of flooring. Luxury vinyl tile appears as though it is tile, but it’s far less slippery and doesn’t experience cracks and other flaws that can occur with tile flooring.

“Luxury vinyl flooring can present the classy impression you’re seeking through wood or tile without all of the hassle and safety issues,” National Floors Direct experts say. “It’s not flammable, it’s not slippery, and it’s drastically more durable.”

National Floors Direct experts add that luxury vinyl flooring is much more affordable than using actual wood or tile. Not only are the product and installation cheaper, but the durability means less maintenance over time. The safety features can also prevent lawsuits, which are major drains on time and profit.

The commercial flooring experts at National Floors Direct explain that luxury vinyl flooring has the ability to transform your restaurant. Contact them today to get started!

National Floors Direct Reviews Shaw SPC Core Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile flooring

National Floors Direct reviews describe Shaw SPC Core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring and its benefits.

Vinyl flooring was once seen as an inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom or kitchen. However, over the years, vinyl flooring has adapted to include a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and more. Luxury vinyl has become a flooring option praised for its simple maintenance, durability, superior performance, and unbeatable look. National Floors Direct reviews recently reviewed Shaw’s SPC core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring options.

National Floors Direct reviews explained that it’s quite important to understand the difference between WPC and SPC vinyl flooring. The acronym SPC stands for stone plastic composite, which means the core contains polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizers. SPC vinyl floors are thinner and more dense than WPC floors. National Floors Direct reviews stated that SPC flooring is known for being some of the most durable vinyl on the market. It’s also typically more affordable than WPC flooring.

“We’re more than pleased with the performance and durability of Shaw SPC luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring,” National Floors Direct reviews said. “It’s waterproof and has been proven to live up to the wear and tear of families with kids, pets, and countless other items that would easily damage hardwoods.”

National Floors Direct reviews stated that Shaw offers some of the most unique luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring designs on the market. Rustic, modern, traditional — Shaw manufactures luxury vinyl to suit the exact look you’re seeking. The versatility, in terms of style and color combinations, is much of what makes Shaw SPC core waterproof vinyl so popular. National Floors Direct reviews stated that buyers can choose from a seemingly endless variety of wood grain patterns, ceramic veining, stain colors, and even authentic grout lines in a variety of colors. Anyone who enters your home will have no idea your flooring is luxury vinyl as opposed to real wood, tile, or marble.

“These floors are built to last,”National Floors Direct reviews added. “They’re waterproof and extremely durable. That’s what makes them even better than hardwoods or tile.”

National Floors Direct reviews of Shaw SPC core vinyl emphasize that these floors are made for every type of lifestyle. They’re even 100-percent protected against spills, humidity, and a variety of other elements. National Floors Direct reviews flooring experts explained that even flooding can not damage Shaw SPC core vinyl plank or tile flooring enough to be replaced. There’s simply no better option for anyone in search of some of the most attractive, durable, and affordable flooring on the market.

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Discusses the Impact of New Flooring in a Home

Homeowners Can Choose to Add Flooring to Their Home to Get a Dramatic Remodel | National Floors Direct

Many homeowners look at affordable ways to make a dramatic impact in their homes after a few years of ownership. While this can be done with expensive remodels, National Floors Direct identifies that it can also be done by replacing floors.

National Floors Direct ReviewsNational Floors Direct explains the various types of flooring that can be used inside of a home, including tile, laminate, and hardwood. Laminate has become a popular choice over the years because of the versatility that it offers. It’s also highly durable and is easy to maintain.

Many homeowners find that National Floors Direct can guide them toward the colors and styles they want to introduce within their homes. Laminate can offer more diverse color schemes than wood, ensuring that a homeowner can opt for tans, grays, and even colors for their flooring.

By ripping up old flooring, it can give people a chance to get rid of damaged and stained flooring. Further, it can eliminate odors. Then, new flooring can be added in order to brighten a room. Depending on how certain floors are installed, it can also make a room look larger. Installation teams available from National Floors Direct can identify ways to make rooms look longer, wider, and larger overall.

Exploring New Trends | National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct is used to exploring trends, homeowners can also learn about the various costs associated with the current trends. Some can choose to take a DIY approach by having the materials shipped to their homes while others will prefer to spend a bit more in order to get professional installation.

Regardless of the flooring that is chosen, National Floors Direct can make it easier to identify the estimates, provide installation directions, and discuss the pros and cons of a specific material.

Many homeowners find it beneficial to explore flooring samples prior to making a decision. This way, the flooring can be matched in the space to see how it will coordinate with existing materials such as wall colors, countertops, and cabinets. Then, National Floors Direct can identify tips on how to match the samples in order to get the desired effect.

In the end, National Floors Direct has been taking a revolutionary approach to how to offer floor coverings for homeowners. It ensures that people can make an impact in their homes without spending a significant amount of money.

Homeowners looking to change the overall ambiance of their home can explore the various carpet and flooring options available further by looking to see what National Floors Direct says about specific materials and installation methods.

National Floors Direct Products Healthy Home Certified

Your home is your sanctuary. In addition to creating a comfortable, beautiful space in which to live, entertain, and raise your family, it is also essential to ensure your home environment is clean and safe. National Floors Direct, a direct-to-consumer specialty flooring provider, goes above and beyond to help their customers. In addition to providing in-home estimates and next-day installation on thousands of premium products, they also promise all of their hard flooring surfaces are Healthy Home Certified. This means National Floors Direct’s selection of luxury vinyl, laminate, and hardwood flooring products meet strict U.S. guidelines for human health and environmental protection.

Their certifications include FLOORSCORE® the most widely recognized indoor air quality certification for hard surface flooring materials, adhesives, and underlayment, which was developed with SCS and the Resilient Floor Covering Institute. National Floors Direct has also earned the California Air Resources Board Phase 2 Certification, ensuring all hard flooring products meet formaldehyde emissions standards. In addition, the specialty flooring provider possesses the North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) certification, indicating flooring meets demanding performance standards.National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct is not only committed to ensuring their customers have a safe and healthy place to live and work but is also dedicated to environmental preservation and sustainability. As such, the company meets the standards set forth by the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), a life-cycle assessment based tool that indicates the environmental performance of a product, such as National Floors Direct’s laminate. The flooring supplier also carries stock made of Appalachian Hardwood Territory timber, verified by the U.S. Forest Service to be sustainably harvested.

With locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey, and a service region encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, National Floors Direct is one of the East Coast’s most successful commercial and residential flooring providers. In conjunction with the debut of a brand new website, the company recently opened a new 60,000 square-foot distribution center to meet increasing demand. Along with expanding their commercial footprint partnering with some of New York’s most well-known businesses and developers, National Floors Direct aims to further improve their sustainability efforts while continuing to ensure their customers receive the highest quality products with white-glove service.

Visit the company’s new website,, to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate.

National Floors Direct Restores Flooring in Two NYC Landmarks

From the Statue of Liberty to Central Park and Madison Square Gardens to Coney Island, New York City boasts several of the United States’ biggest tourist attractions. The metropolis is also home to millions. NY-based companies like National Floors Direct are committed to keeping the Big Apple bright for generations of residents and visitors to come, beginning with restoring and renovating some of its most significant local hotspots.

One of the Northeast United States’ leading direct-to-consumer carpet and flooring specialty services, National Floors Direct is trusted by New York City businesses and homeowners to deliver high-quality flooring at unbeatable prices.National Floors Direct Reviews

Recently, the Astoria-based flooring company contributed to the restoration of two of New York City’s historic locales: the Canal Street Market and Pier A Harbor House.

The Pier A Harbor House, which opened in 1886, was initially a headquarters for the New York Harbor Police. After many years in disrepair and input from local historical committees, restoration efforts commenced. National Floors Direct was hired to restore the floors for the Harborhouse as well as BlackTail restaurant. The restaurant, which was voted 29 of the 150 best bars in America by The Daily Beast, harkens to the speakeasy days with a unique and captivating prohibition-era atmosphere and vintage-inspired drink menu.

The Canal Street Market, located between Soho and Chinatown, is similarly of historical and cultural significance to NYC and its residents. The market, similar to a bazaar, is simultaneously a food hall, retail shopping center, and community gathering space used for a range of purposes and open year-round. When the flooring needed to be replaced, the owners relied on customer-and-community-focused National Floors Direct for the job.

National Floors Direct’s reviews are a testament to their fantastic customer service and an extensive range of high-quality products from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. Taking a revolutionary approach to flooring, they provide the perks of high-end retailers at the price of big-box suppliers, guaranteeing the lowest price in the industry.

With a service region encompassing much of the Northeast, including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, South-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania, and a slew of five-star reviews, National Floors Direct is known throughout the East Coast for their white-glove service and fantastic selection.
Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate:

National Floors Direct

National Floors Direct Rolls Out Brand New Website Redesign

Technology is an integral part of modern life, affecting everything from communication to business. One of the most advantageous effects of technology for consumers is the ability to conveniently research and connect with businesses and brands from the comfort of home. National Floors Direct, one of the Northeast United States’ biggest and best direct-to-consumer specialty flooring providers, recently rolled out a brand new redesigned website to provide customers with a better user experience.

National Floors Direct is all about meeting customers where they are and delivering exemplary products and services. Their website, which is as informative and useful as it is aesthetically pleasing, is the latest example of their dedication to excellence.

Immediately upon entering the site, visitors will find a well-organized home page where they can peruse National Floors Direct’s extensive catalog of carpet, luxury vinyl, hardwood, laminate, and commercial products from some of the world’s biggest manufacturers. The site also features pop-ups advertising current deals, such as saving 60% on installation in January and the ability to request a free estimate. The site provides options for users to look into affordable financing options or learn more about the company as well.

Furthermore, users who book installation services online can receive a significant discount of $150 compared to booking over the phone or at one of National Floors Direct’s brick-and-mortar locations. The ability and incentive to book online go hand-in-hand with the company’s emphasis on making flooring installation seamless for every customer. The National Floors Direct motto, “We Bring the Store to Your Door” says it all.

Headquartered in Astoria, NY, with locations in Braintree, Massachusetts, Milford, Connecticut, and Rahway, New Jersey; National Floors Direct is a company on the rise. In conjunction with its new website, the flooring supplier just opened a new 60,000 square-foot distribution center to meet increasing demand. With a service region encompassing Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, south-eastern Vermont, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Eastern Pennsylvania; National Floors Direct is fast becoming the go-to flooring supplier for East Coast businesses and residents alike.

Visit the company’s new website to peruse National Floors Direct reviews and products, or request an estimate: