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National Floors Direct Reviews: The New Shaw SPC Luxury Vinyl Flooring Offers Many Benefits

National Floors Direct has announced that it is one of the first specialty flooring retailers to carry Shaw’s latest SPC luxury vinyl planks and tile products for floor installations. National Floors Direct reviews indicate that these vinyl flooring solutions are an excellent option for upscaling older vinyl, finding budget-friendly solutions while maintaining key style points, and other useful commercial and residential advantages.

SPC Vinyl Flooring Benefits

According to National Floors Direct reviews, Older vinyl flooring was known to be an affordable flooring option, and easy to install. However, modern vinyl flooring composition goes far beyond what was previously possible, and Shaw’s SPC products are an excellent example. Important benefits include.

SPC Construction: National Floors Direct reviews point out that SPC flooring has a very specific meaning when looking at vinyl floors. SPC models have a thin, durable core made from polyvinyl chloride, limestone powder, and stabilizing materials. This makes these vinyl floors particularly tough, able to stand up to heavier foot traffic, while still being as affordable as traditional vinyl materials.

Wide Variety of Styles: Vinyl has also been a particular versatile flooring material, and Shaw’s luxury offering is far from an exception. National Floors Direct reviews clearly show that the SPC planks and tiles are available in a wide variety of styles, and is particularly adept at mimicking other types of flooring. Options for this vinyl material include wood grain patterns and shading to closely imitate a wide variety of wood types, ceramic-vein tiles, many different stain colors, grout line shapes to imitate other types of tile, and more. Shaw’s excellent production renders these flooring options more beautiful and realistic than ever before.

Highly Durable: Shaw SPC-core vinyl tile is also incredibly durable and, according to National Floors Direct reviews, entirely waterproof. Drawbacks to earlier vinyl installations were that they were susceptible to moisture damage and high-humidity. But the combination of advanced materials and better installation practices, as seen in National Floors Direct reviews, allow this flooring to move beyond such constraints. That makes the plank and tile versions of this flooring suitable for high-traffic areas, and even a potential consideration for basements and bathroom areas, depending on local regulations.

Easy Cleaning: In addition to being fully waterproof and durable, this SPC-core vinyl flooring is also especially easy to clean. Unlike hardwoods, marble, or more delicate flooring materials, National Floors Direct reviews report that this vinyl is resistant to staining and can be quickly cleaned at a moment’s notice. It’s also easy to clean broad sections of the floor type in only a short time.

As Suitable for Commercial Spaces as Residential: These advantages combine to make this vinyl flooring option an excellent choice for businesses as well as homes, especially companies that want to capture a certain aesthetic at manageable costs. National Floors Direct reviews can help companies and owners pick the right option for their goals.

National Floors Direct reviews agree that this premiere vinyl flooring represents a valuable opportunity for upgrades, finding affordable ways to mimic elite materials, making sure floors are waterproof and much more.