National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct Reviews Its High Standards for Stocked Products

The Power of Brands: Why You Should Choose From the Name Brand Flooring Companies Offer at National Floors Direct & Why That Leads to Good National Floors Direct Reviews

National Floors Direct has added even more inventory from North America’s leading name-brand flooring companies. By ensuring that they only stock the best in consumer goods, National Floors Direct reviews have consistently remained positive, reflective of the company’s dedication to providing high-quality products.

Nearly two decades ago, National Floors Direct made the move from brick-and-mortar shop to primarily an online retailer of high-quality flooring products. Then as is now, most of the competition retailers were content offering any brand flooring, serving solely as the middle-man. National Floors Direct changed the equation by stocking only the best and most trusted in name brand flooring, a testament shown in National Floors Direct reviews.

To illustrate their commitment to high-quality brands, late last year, after stringent testing and talks, National Floors Direct added Mohawk flooring to their list of suppliers. Mohawk was added after its unique laminate sandwich composite was thoroughly tested for longevity and durability, with its unique aluminum crystal fusion technology showcasing its ability to withstand surface scratches. Today, Mohawk flooring has become one of the best-rated floorings in recent National Floors Direct reviews.

There are two primary reasons why homeowners, landlords, and go-getter renters should choose from National Floors Direct’s brand names and not the first cheap flooring advertisement they see and those reasons are quality and warranty. Name brand flooring is a large part of why National Floors Direct reviews are consistently positive, because at the end of the day, what the consumer wants is a great-looking floor that will withstand the wear and tear of general life and one that they know is backed by a warranty they can trust.

All name brand flooring companies bill their reputation on providing a comprehensive warranty that will back the trust inherent in purchasing their name brand, and that reflects back upon National Floors Direct reviews. For example, with every Mohawk flooring installed through National Floors Direct, consumers will enjoy upwards of a 30-year warranty depending upon the product of their choice — and those warranties go a long way in proving the high-quality of the product. With Mohawk luxury vinyl flooring, owners will enjoy a general manufacturing defect warranty as well as warranties that tenure that the flooring will remain 100% waterproof, resist normal wear and tear and staining throughout the lifetime of the warranty and that the integrated Unidrop joint locking system will not fail. Good warranties lead to good customer satisfaction and good National Floors Direct reviews.

These types of warranties and verifiable premium products are not something that can readily be found at a local warehouse or at many big-box retailers both online and off that seek only to sell any good and not to ensure consumers are offered only the best goods. Those trusted good are backed in National Floors Direct reviews.

National Floors Direct Reviews Understood: Bringing the Best Reviewed Products to Consumers

Earlier this year, National Floors Direct opened up a brand-new, state-of-the-art distribution center in Astoria, NY. This distribution center spans 60,000 square feet and has further enabled the company to meet the increasing demand consumers across the Northeast have in seeking out the highest-quality and best-reviewed flooring around. When it comes to National Floors Direct reviews, it’s making these high-quality products available at the best prices to consumers that earns the company its high reputation.