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National Floors Direct Reviews Tips for Maximizing the Quality Lifespan

National Floors Direct Offers Tips for Maximizing the Quality and Lifespan of Your Carpet Floor

National Floors Direct explains that quality carpet flooring can last up to 15 years before it needs to be replaced with proper care.

National Floors Direct explains that quality carpet flooring can last up to 15 years before it needs to be replaced with proper care. Of course, extending the life and luster of your carpet floor as much as possible requires you to follow a few best practices. To help you keep your carpet in pristine condition for many years to come, we’ll take a look at a few helpful tips from the flooring professionals at National Floors Direct on how to maximize the quality and lifespan of your carpet floor.

Invest in Entry & Exit Mats

According to National Floors Direct reviews, customers who purchase a water-absorbent mat to place at the entrance to their home experience far fewer issues with water damage. Tracking moisture on wet or snow-covered shoes is one of the primary causes of a water-damaged carpet, making a water-absorbent mat a great way to protect your carpet floors from the various issues that water exposure can cause.

Purchase the Right Carpet Pad

National Floors Direct reviews point out that the carpet pad beneath your carpet plays a vital role when it comes to determining how long of a lifespan your carpet will exhibit. Keep in mind that it isn’t just the thickness of the pad you purchase that determines its quality but also its density. According to most National Floors Direct reviews, the best carpet pads are those with a thickness of 3/8 to 1/2 inches and a density/weight ratio of at least 6 pounds.

Go Professional

A good vacuum cleaner and a bottle of carpet-safe stain remover are all you need to keep your carpets clean for general cleaning purposes. Now and then, though, it is recommended that you give your carpets a more thorough and professional cleaning. Hiring a well-reviewed carpet cleaning service is something that many National Floors Direct reviews recommend. If you would like to save a little money, however, renting professional carpet cleaning equipment and taking the DIY approach is another option to consider.

Repair Runs and Snags

Any runs or snags in your carpet should be repaired as soon as possible in order to prevent them from growing even larger. Thankfully, repairing carpet runs and snags is quite simple if you know what you are doing. Start by trying to push the pulled-out loop back down into the carpet using a screwdriver. If it is too big to push back down into the carpet, you can also cut the loop off using a pair of scissors. Next, use either a hot glue gun or a tube of superglue to glue the snag into place. This will hold the snag down and will also prevent it from growing larger over time. For a more professional solution, consider purchasing a carpet snag repair kit and following the included instructions. To find out more, visit National Floors Direct Reviews online.

National Floors Direct Offers Best Practices for Protecting and Maintaining Your New Hardwood Floor

A beautiful hardwood floor is certainly an investment worth protecting.

 A beautiful hardwood floor is certainly an investment worth protecting. To help ensure that your new hardwood floor stays in pristine condition for as long as possible, let’s take a look at a few tips from the flooring experts at National Floors Direct Reviews on how to protect and maintain a hardwood floor.

Clean Your Floor Regularly

Sweeping and vacuuming your hardwood floor regularly isn’t just a matter of cleanliness – it’s also an essential part of keeping your floor safe from damage. Hard pieces of grit, such as tiny rocks or pebbles of sand, can scratch a hardwood floor if enough pressure is applied to them. Scratches are the most common form of hardwood floor damage, keeping your floor free of debris. Another great way to keep out the debris that could cause scratches is to place a doormat by your door and avoid wearing your shoes in the house according to National Floors Direct Reviews advice.

Other Steps to Prevent Scratches

In addition to cleaning your floors regularly, you may also want to take a couple of other precautions in order to prevent scratches. While placing felt pads on the bottom of your furniture legs is an excellent practice. If you have a dog or cat that lives in your house, you may also want to keep their nails trimmed in order to avoid them scratching your floors.

Choose the Right Cleaning Products

Using chemical cleaning products can be a great way to keep your hardwood floor shiny and clean, but choosing the right ones is important. National Floors Direct Reviews says that you will want to avoid any product that leaves a residue behind, as these products can dull the top coating of your floors. Some products to avoid include any products that contain ammonia, wax, vinegar, or oil-based soaps. One great way to tell if a product is safe for your hardwood floors is to apply it to a window. If the product leaves behind any residue or oily film after it has dried, you’ll want to avoid using it on your floors.

Prevent Water Damage

Water may not seem all that harmful to your hardwood floors, but it can certainly cause damage over time. A small spill that is quickly cleaned up shouldn’t cause any problems, but prolonged exposure is where issues arise. Excess humidity is one factor that often causes water damage to hardwood floors, so if the humidity level in your home is above 50%, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. It is also essential to address any water leaks as quickly as possible in order to prevent water damage National Floors Direct Reviews notes.

National Floors Direct Gives Professional Advice On The Benefits Of Tile In Your Home

National Floors Direct Gives Professional Advice On The Benefits Of Tile In Your Home

Why tile may be the right choice for the majority of customers, according to National Floors Direct reviews.

National Floors Direct explains that there are so many options for customers when it comes to flooring, and it can be challenging to narrow down the choices. In a recent blog post, the company explains why tile flooring may be an ideal choice. Making the right choice on flooring can be a long-term investment, so consumers are understandably invested in choosing suitable materials.

According to National Floors Direct reviews on tile floors, 10 of the benefits include:


Variety of Styles


Easily Maintained

Can be Sterilized

Holds up to High Traffic


Won’t Trap Allergens and Dirt

ROI (Return on Investment)

Naturally Cooling

National Floors Direct brings 75 years of flooring experience to the table. They help customers find the right flooring choices for their spaces based on the use, traffic, budget, and more. When choosing the right flooring, tile is an excellent option for many different spaces.

One of the most significant benefits of tile includes the value it brings to a home. “When you sell your house in the future, you’ll be glad that you chose tile flooring.” “Buyers consider tile and wooden flooring to be premium flooring options for all the reasons mentioned above. This means that you can cover the cost of installing tiles by pushing up the resale cost when it comes time to move homes.”

National Floors Direct says that for the homeowners who are not planning to sell in the near future, the tile still offers a number of benefits that could make it the ideal flooring choice. Choosing a floor that is incredibly easy to clean and sanitize is a considerable benefit. Another advantage is how well the flooring holds up to the typical wear and tear caused by high traffic. These are often essential flooring factors for those who have pets or small children in the home.

Tile is ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and entryway—all areas that may see a lot of moisture, says the company, but it could easily go in any room of the house. “You can use tile in parts of your bedroom or the entire bedroom.” “It also works well in the living spaces, especially if you have pets and need to keep the area clean.”

The flooring company also notes this is a wise flooring investment for property owners that rent out their spaces. They are easy to install and offer a highly durable floor with minimal upkeep. The easy-to-clean-and-sanitize benefit is also helpful for landlords when tenants come and go.

Finally, National Floors Direct goes on to say that tile is an eco-friendly building material. Tiles are made from clay (porcelain or ceramic) or stone, which are all considered sustainable materials that can be recycled.

National Floors Direct Reviews 6 Reasons to Replace Residential Carpeting

National Floors Direct Reviews 6 Reasons to Replace Residential Carpeting

National Floors Direct: The top reasons why you should replace your carpet.

National Floors Direct Reviews brings us the top reason why you need to replace carpet is something many homeowners have to deal with throughout the lifetime of their home. Whether moving into a new home, entering a new phase in life, or preparing to sell a home, there are many reasons timing can cause a homeowner to wonder if they should replace their flooring. Recently, the company talked about how homeowners could know it is time to replace their carpeting.

Water Damage:

One of the top ways your carpet will be ruined beyond repair is by exposure to water. Water often absorbs into the carpet pad and causes mold or mildew to grow. When this occurs, the carpet typically needs to be replaced. “Not only is mold dangerous in your home, but water can cause stains on your carpet as well.”

Carpet Stains:

The experts at National Floors Direct Reviews explain that there is nothing appealing about stains on the floor—it can make your home look dirty even when it isn’t. Stains can come from past spills, leaking pipes, previous water damage, pet accidents, food messes, and more.
Residual Odor:

Carpets can pick up scents that are impossible to remove—even with professional services. One of the most common carpet odors will come from pet messes that aren’t properly cleaned or aren’t found until they’ve fully absorbed deep into the carpet and pad. Mildew, food rot, and other messes that shift into lasting odors.

Allergy Issues:

National Floors Direct Reviews says that certain carpets can help trap allergens to keep the particles from floating freely in the air. Certain carpets are not ideal for trapping allergen particles the right way and may still allow the particles to float in the air. Getting an allergen vacuum that traps microscopic particles can help keep the carpets cleaner, but there will come a point where the carpets just can’t be cleaned enough and need to be replaced.
Wear and Tear Damage: Over time, paths can be worn into carpets—making them look dirty or threadbare. Carpets could be damaged from furniture, carpet cleaning, pets, and more. In some cases, the damage may go beyond normal wear and include ripping, running, shredding, chewing, or catching.

Outdated Style:

Aside from damage, National Floors Direct Reviews knows that it is also possible for floors to fall out of style and make the whole space look outdated. Shag carpets are just one example of flooring that can make the entire house look like it needs an update. Replacing old carpets in a home can give an immediate style boost to the area.

“New carpets can greatly increase your home value,” According to National Floors Direct reviews posted on its blog, these six reasons for replacing carpeted floors are just a few of the reasons that an update could be a very worthwhile change to a home.

National Floors Direct Reviews is Proud to Begin Serving Customers

National Floors Direct is Proud to Begin Serving Customers Throughout South Florida

National Floors Direct Reviews is an industry-leading provider of high-quality flooring such as carpet, hardwood, luxury vinyl, and beyond that has served customers throughout the Northeast since 2005. These customers are undoubtedly satisfied with having all of their flooring needs met. Now that the company is expanding its operations to begin serving customers throughout South Florida as well.

With the launch of a new distribution center in Deerfield Beach, FL National Floors Direct is poised to provide premium products and services to customers in counties such as Miami-Dade, Indian River, Monroe, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee.

Many National Floors Direct reviews mention that the company treats both its staff and customers as if they are family, and they plan to extend this same hospitality to their Southern employees/customers. Since the company was founded, it has focused on offering a more personalized and hands-on experience to home and business owners than what is typically provided by a standard flooring store. By including one-on-one advice and expertise in the process of purchasing and installing new flooring, The company can guide customers through the process from start to finish and ensure that they are wholly satisfied with the end result.

Now, that home and business owners throughout the state of Florida will be able to enjoy the unique flooring experience offered by National Floors Direct thanks to their new Deerfield Beach, FL distribution center. This new distribution center will serve as a restocking point for all of the company’s top products and a hub for installation crews to operate from.

It isn’t just National Floors Direct high-quality products and efficient installation services that customers throughout South Florida are looking forward to, though. Many of the company’s reviews point out that they employ talented interior design experts to help customers choose the perfect flooring for their location as one of the main reasons they are a leading option in the flooring industry. These same reviews also highlight the company’s surprisingly low prices, impressive catalog of quality products, and exceptional customer service as well.

From the employment opportunities that the new distribution center will create to the exciting range of products and services that will now be offered to customers across the state of Florida, there are plenty of reasons for Floridians to be excited about National Floors Direct’s expansion into the state. In little time at all, the company is sure to have a positive impact on the area.

National Floors Direct Reviews Gives Us Tips on Increase the Lifespan

National Floors Direct Gives Us Tips on How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Flooring

How do you maintain the natural beauty of your new flooring? Why is it important to do so?

National Floors Direct Reviews wants you to protect your investment—the average cost for replacing a quality hardwood floor can cost you thousands of dollars. You simply can’t afford to let your flooring lose value because of some oversights that can be fixed with some simple tips.

Maintaining the look of your flooring increases the beauty of your entire home, making guests feel more comfortable and at home. It also increases your resale value should you ever decide to sell your home.

Tips to Improve and Maintain the Quality of Your Flooring:

National Floors Direct Reviews goes over several things you can do to keep your flooring in the best shape. Whether you have wood flooring, laminate, or carpeting, following some essential care tips can save you a lot of money and heartache over the long run.

1. Keep your flooring away from moisture. Water spills, condensation due to humidity, and other conditions can endanger your flooring health. Use a moisture-detection instrument to see how much moisture may be building up.

2. Avoid salt buildup if you leave on or near the beach. The salt content can quickly erode all types of flooring, and it is also hard to clean from carpet fibers.

3. Vacuum up sand and other debris quickly, so it doesn’t have a chance to stick to carpets. Sweep sand off of wood floors to avoid the abrasive action it can create.

4. Choose good cleaning products that nurture the natural elements of your flooring while cleaning deep down to protect the appearance.

5. For wood floors, use a natural pH cleaner that is absent of harsh abrasives.

6. Use caution when moving furniture around. Scuffs and scratches can quickly occur when moving furniture over your wood or laminate flooring, and such movement can tear carpeting.

7. Strategically place rugs or mats over high traffic areas to avoid lasting damage due to too heavy regular traffic from kids and pets.

8. If you have flooring close to an open window, try to avoid direct sunlight. This can dull the surface of your hardwood floor, reducing the luster.

9. Recoat wood floors to keep them shining like new.

10. Get a professional to tend to your flooring to prevent damage and buy top-quality flooring, to begin with, that is resistant to aging and stains.

National Floors Direct is your go-to company when searching for solutions to maintaining and purchasing top-quality flooring. You can view National Floors Direct reviews online and see what you think, based on other users who have been happy with their outstanding services.
It only takes a moment to contact them to see how they can help. Visit the National Floors Direct Reviews website to see their work and see for yourself why people prefer them to keep their flooring beautiful.



Any home renovation is an investment. New flooring is perhaps the most important.

Not only are floors the most prominent surface in any room, but they also impact your daily life. Whether you’re working out, playing, or hosting, surfaces need to be durable and comfortable. With so many options, it’s essential to plan ahead. National Floors Direct Reviews presents eight frequently asked questions to consider.

What is your style?

Think about what color, textures, and sizes appeal most. Do you prefer rich hardwood, sleek tile, or plush carpet? Lighter colors make rooms feel more spacious, but dark patterns create warmth. Unless the plan is to fully redecorate, choose options that compliment your current furniture and accessories. Request samples before buying to help visualize your space.

Where is your room located?

Sunlight exposure and moisture levels are critical. If a room has large windows, select an engineered hardwood that is fade-resistant. Basements and bathrooms are prone to humidity and moisture. Tile and vinyl floors work best in these spaces. High-traffic areas need durable flooring that can handle repeated wear.

How will floors be used?

Beyond location, lifestyle factors influence flooring needs. If you have pets or children, choose materials that reduce scratches and are easy to clean. For allergies, avoid carpet. Hard surfaces collect less dust. As the National Floors Direct reviews point out, a professional consultant has the experience to recommend the exact flooring that fits your individual needs.

What maintenance is needed?

Different upkeep is needed for each flooring type. Some require steaming, while others need refinishing. Laminate and manufactured products are often the most durable. Daily sweeping is about all that’s needed. Examine each and determine what level of maintenance you’re willing to take on.

How often will floors need to be replaced?

Even the best-kept flooring won’t last forever. If maintained probably, engineered wood or hardwood lasts the longest. Many buyers are avoiding carpet, which should be replaced about every five years.

Who is doing the installation?

While DIY sounds like a good idea, new floors are an investment. It’s essential to do it properly. Professional installation can ensure a worry-free project. Research online, but the National Floors Direct reviews show the company should be at the top of the list.

Where should you buy?

Shop from the comfort of your home. Not only can you research products online, but you should be buying here as well. National Floors Direct Reviews and other brands minimize costs by cutting out showrooms. These savings are based on its customers.

National Floors Direct Offers Valuable Insight Into Flooring Styles for the Entire Home

National Floors Direct Offers Valuable Insight Into Flooring Styles for the Entire Home

National Floors Direct knows that a crucial part of an interior home design is flooring.

National Floors Direct Reviews knows that a crucial part of an interior home design is flooring. Whether it’s remodeling or building a home, selecting the right flooring is a must to maintain the integrity of the space involved. With hundreds of options that consumers have access to, National Floors Direct Reviews is a direct-to-consumer provider that examines flooring styles for the entire home and offers insight into which ones are the most beneficial for each room. The company considers an average home as a single-family dwelling with a kitchen, living room, family room, three to four bedrooms, and a basement.

Go Beyond the Trends in Main Areas
For kitchens, living rooms, and the family room, National Floors Direct Reviews suggests that consumers choose a hard surface that expands evenly throughout all areas. This gives a natural feel of more space to those rooms. Consumers can use a laminated hard surface, which is less expensive but very durable. Laminate is real wood that is highly compressed with many surface layers to make it scratch-resistant. Because laminate flooring is created with a dense core, and it’s long-lasting as well. The current trend is to use a gray surface because it is much easier to match with any decor that is chosen for the room. “Flooring can change the entire look and feel of a room. But consumers do not need to spend enormous amounts of money,” National Floors Direct says. “The way to accomplish that is to follow the trends and copy them to fit your specific budget.” Still, natural wood always adds value to the home and makes a great choice if your budget allows it.

Luxury vinyl planks are also an option, which is water-proof and designed very similar to laminate flooring. It is ideal for homeowners who have pets and small children because you’re not so concerned about spills or pets tracking in dirt from outside. Luxury vinyl planks are also fantastic options for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Bedrooms and Basements Require More Consideration
Nation Floors Direct explains that when it comes to bedrooms, consumers can benefit from using hard laminate flooring with an area rug. That is a less expensive option than choosing a luxury plush carpet with high-grade padding. High-grade padding is an absolute must for bedrooms. “Consumers sometimes make carpet investments and select padding that is less-than-deal.”. “It’s a costly mistake. If the home is being built, you have a better advantage for selecting beneficial products. Don’t waste the opportunity to explore as many options as possible.”

For basements, use tile flooring instead of carpet. Basements have less cross-flow ventilation and lack ideal airflow. When combining that type of air quality with humidity, carpet is not the best option. Consumers should also consider the prospect of a basement flood occurring, especially in areas that are more prone to flooding.

About Us
National Floors Direct Reviews has more than 75 years of floor covering experience. Our company is based in Astoria, NY, and uses a business model that includes design professionals for a wide-ranging product catalog. We’re committed to offering consumers high-quality products at an affordable price. The company’s pioneering innovation is a reflection of our continued effort to be a leader in the direct-to-consumer industry.

National Floors Direct Offers Various Flooring Services to Keep Your Home or Business Looking Great

National Floors Direct Offers Various Flooring Services to Keep Your Home or Business Looking Great

 National Floors Direct knows that your home will continue to be your most significant asset while also being a place where you will spend a lot of your time. Due to this, it is important to find ways to improve it whenever you can. One way that this can be done is by working with National Floors Direct to improve the flooring of your home. National Floors Direct reviews show that they can offer several services that will keep your home or business looking great for a long time.

National Floors Direct Reviews, Shows that the Company Offers Amazing Products

One of the things that you will first notice when reading National Floors Direct reviews is that the company has a reputation for quality. When you purchase products from this store, you will know that they are built and designed to last. This includes a wide selection of hardwood flooring, carpet, vinyl, and other flooring options. These can be ideal for people that are looking for flooring solutions that can withstand the rigor of a lot of daily foot traffic.

National Floors Direct Gives You Support When Choosing Your New Flooring

National Floors Direct reviews also show that the team can give you the support you need to choose new flooring. Picking out new flooring for your home or place of work can be challenging. With so many options and factors to consider, picking the right selection can be overwhelming. The team will be able to help you understand the benefits of each option and give the guidance that you need to ensure your flooring is the right choice.

National Floors Direct Gives You the Best Installation Support

When you are going to purchase new flooring, you will want to know that it is installed the right way. Flooring that is installed incorrectly can quickly look weathered and out of balance. When it comes to installation, National Floors Direct reviews continue to show that you can receive great installation services that will ensure the flooring is properly installed no matter what your home layout or other challenging characteristics are.

National Floors Direct Offers Great Deals

When you are reading through National Floors Direct reviews, you will also be impressed by the consistent feedback that the company offers great deals and promotions. There are always discounts available that can help you save money off the cost of your flooring and off installation services. This can help ensure that you are able to get the flooring that you want without having to spend more than you want. The team can work with you to understand your budget to ensure you are happy with what you get.

The overall reviews for National Floors Direct continue to show that the company can offer great services and products. This will ensure that your home looks great by providing you with high-quality and durable products and expert installation services.

How National Floors Direct Can Help with all Your Flooring Needs

How National Floors Direct Can Help with all Your Flooring Needs

National Floors Direct knows a home is the most important and valuable asset that most people will ever own. Due to this, it is important that you keep it in good shape and make upgrades along the way. Improving the flooring of your home can be a great way to improve its appearance and even make it more functional. The team with National Floors Direct Reviews can provide you with a variety of services that can help with all of your flooring needs.

Consultation on Flooring Options

When you are looking to improve or replace the flooring in a room of your home, National Floors Direct Reviews will first help by providing a full consultation. The process of choosing new flooring for any room of your home can be challenging due to the variety of options that you have. This company can offer a variety of flooring options including carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile or laminate. They can then help you find a floor option that is ideal for your situation based on the function of the room, your personal style and the household budget.

National Floors Direct Reviews Offers Great Deals

Once you have decided on the type of flooring that you want, the company can offer you a variety of great deals. The company always offers a free estimate so you will know exactly what the cost will be without taking on any risk or expense. They frequently provide a variety of great discounts off the cost of installation and can provide even further savings for those that book their purchase an appointment online.

Expert Installation and Care

When you are going to have any type of work done in your home, you will want it to be as impressive as possible. The team with National Floors Direct works hard to ensure that you are very happy with your new flooring. They only offer high-quality and durable products that look great and will last for a long time. Through the installation process, they will carefully measure and cut the products, provide necessary padding for carpeting and can even handle any challenging parts of the installation including stairs or complex room designs.

Commercial Services

While having nice flooring is important for any property owner, if you own or manage a commercial property having nice flooring will also be advantageous. The team with National Floors Direct Reviews can offer a full range of commercial services as well. This can help to ensure that your place of business looks great while also being able to impress customers and offer all of your team members a safe and comfortable place to work.

New flooring is a great addition to any home or commercial property. When you are looking to improve the flooring of your home, you should call National Floors Direct. The team here can offer a range of services to keep your property looking great.