National Floors Direct Reviews
National Floors Direct Reviews Best Floor Choices for the Home Office

National Floors Direct Reviews Best Floor Choices for the Home Office

The right flooring for a home office is practical and beautiful, says National Floors Direct

Home offices have to inspire productivity and operate as a functional space. The right flooring can help achieve that goal, says National Floors Direct. The company recently explained the top flooring choices for at-home offices-some of the top choices include inviting flooring and matching the rest of the home’s style.

National Floors Direct has more than 75 years of experience in flooring. They help customers find the right flooring for their needs-including home offices. Durability and functionality are crucial factors in flooring as well.

Not only does the flooring have to offer comfort and style to match the office space, but it also needs to hold up well to the office furniture-namely, the office chair. National Floors Direct Reviews says the right floor needs to handle a rolling office chair, heavy desk, and more. It should offer smooth sliding and not be easily scuffed.

Flooring should also be comfortable in a home office. Tile can be cold and off-putting, while vinyl planking and natural wood can offer warmth. Some flooring looks good but is easily scuffed and challenging to clean. A low-pile carpet may work in an office, but carpet makes it harder to move a rolling chair on carpet unless the carpet is commercial grade-which can be challenging to match the home’s style.

National Floors Direct Reviews recommends choosing a luxury vinyl planking that is highly durable, waterproof, resistant to scratching and cushioned for comfort. The company says vinyl planking is one of their most durable and versatile flooring options. With a huge variety of finishes and styles, there are vinyl planking options to match the style of any home. According to National Floors Direct, laminate can be another option when you need a cost-effective flooring solution for a home office. “Laminate has come a long way over the years,” notes the company. “It can look like some of the highest quality finishes but costs just a fraction of the price. From realistic natural stone and wood to artistic patterns, many laminate options will create the right floor for a home office. They are easy to install and hold up really well to heavy use.”

For a home office that is more centered on style and less on practicality, wood may be the perfect solution. A natural hardwood floor offers beauty and quality that other floors can quite touch. The long-lasting flooring solution takes more work for upkeep. For professionals who need to do a lot of photography or video work in their office, wood floors might help create an ideal backdrop. For home offices that facilitate a lot of meetings or consultations, a luxury hardwood floor may be the right choice, National Floors Direct explains.