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National Floors Direct Reviews Flexible Materials are Key for Covering

National Floors Direct Says Flexible Materials are Key for Covering Uneven Floors

Adapt flooring for spaces where the ground is uneven, says National Floors Direct.

Uneven flooring can cause cracking, warping, and other issues with flooring. National Floors Direct Reviews recently addressed this issue, stating that flexible flooring options could help with areas where the flooring could not be easily leveled. Sometimes foundations shift over time, or something happens to cause a sudden shift, the company says. Other times, a mistake or damage in the subflooring can cause the issue.

National Floors Direct says to stay away from natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain tiles with an uneven floor because they will crack easily. In some cases, the right contractor may be able to level out the floor before laying these materials. There are options to pour and level out uneven floors before installing flooring. However, the brand notes that these are some of the worst flooring choices for uneven floors and will require this fix before being installed.

National Floors Direct Reviews has a wide range of flooring options that look great in all spaces. The brand says some flooring choices are more ideal for uneven floors than other options. When choosing flooring, it is a good idea to select the kind of flooring that will shift to cover the space. The right flooring gives the illusion that the floors are even and can hide many issues that aren’t able to be solved quickly.

Carpets are probably the most common choice for flexible flooring, says National Floors Direct. Carpet is great for some spaces but not ideal for bathrooms, utility workrooms, kitchens, and other areas that regularly require deep cleaning.

When a floor is considerably uneven, it can show through the carpet as a dip, National Floors Direct says. Their recent recommendation noted that not all uneven floors are ideally covered by carpet. “There are times when a flexible laminate sheet or tile is going to offer a more sturdy coverage to hide floor blemishes while still having enough flexibility to handle uneven floors,” explained the flooring company.

Luxury vinyl planking can also offer a very forgiving cover that hides dips, cracks, and crevices in the floor. Planking may not be ideal for areas where the floor has shifted and cracked, leaving one section higher than the other. It also may not be the right flooring choice if the floor gradually shifts to a different height. Over time the planking could crack if the floor damage is severe enough. It is a floating flooring that isn’t glued or nailed down to the sublayer, so it is able to adapt to certain amounts of unevenness. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of looks and is considered one of the most durable and versatile flooring options, according to National Floors Direct reviews.