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National Floors Direct Reviews Shaw SPC Core Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile flooring

National Floors Direct reviews describe Shaw SPC Core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring and its benefits.

Vinyl flooring was once seen as an inexpensive way to remodel a bathroom or kitchen. However, over the years, vinyl flooring has adapted to include a variety of colors, styles, patterns, and more. Luxury vinyl has become a flooring option praised for its simple maintenance, durability, superior performance, and unbeatable look. National Floors Direct reviews recently reviewed Shaw’s SPC core waterproof luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring options.

National Floors Direct reviews explained that it’s quite important to understand the difference between WPC and SPC vinyl flooring. The acronym SPC stands for stone plastic composite, which means the core contains polyvinyl chloride, natural limestone powder, and stabilizers. SPC vinyl floors are thinner and more dense than WPC floors. National Floors Direct reviews stated that SPC flooring is known for being some of the most durable vinyl on the market. It’s also typically more affordable than WPC flooring.

“We’re more than pleased with the performance and durability of Shaw SPC luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring,” National Floors Direct reviews said. “It’s waterproof and has been proven to live up to the wear and tear of families with kids, pets, and countless other items that would easily damage hardwoods.”

National Floors Direct reviews stated that Shaw offers some of the most unique luxury vinyl plank and tile flooring designs on the market. Rustic, modern, traditional — Shaw manufactures luxury vinyl to suit the exact look you’re seeking. The versatility, in terms of style and color combinations, is much of what makes Shaw SPC core waterproof vinyl so popular. National Floors Direct reviews stated that buyers can choose from a seemingly endless variety of wood grain patterns, ceramic veining, stain colors, and even authentic grout lines in a variety of colors. Anyone who enters your home will have no idea your flooring is luxury vinyl as opposed to real wood, tile, or marble.

“These floors are built to last,”National Floors Direct reviews added. “They’re waterproof and extremely durable. That’s what makes them even better than hardwoods or tile.”

National Floors Direct reviews of Shaw SPC core vinyl emphasize that these floors are made for every type of lifestyle. They’re even 100-percent protected against spills, humidity, and a variety of other elements. National Floors Direct reviews flooring experts explained that even flooding can not damage Shaw SPC core vinyl plank or tile flooring enough to be replaced. There’s simply no better option for anyone in search of some of the most attractive, durable, and affordable flooring on the market.

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