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National Floors Direct Offers Valuable Insight Into Flooring Styles for the Entire Home

National Floors Direct Offers Valuable Insight Into Flooring Styles for the Entire Home

National Floors Direct knows that a crucial part of an interior home design is flooring.

National Floors Direct Reviews knows that a crucial part of an interior home design is flooring. Whether it’s remodeling or building a home, selecting the right flooring is a must to maintain the integrity of the space involved. With hundreds of options that consumers have access to, National Floors Direct Reviews is a direct-to-consumer provider that examines flooring styles for the entire home and offers insight into which ones are the most beneficial for each room. The company considers an average home as a single-family dwelling with a kitchen, living room, family room, three to four bedrooms, and a basement.

Go Beyond the Trends in Main Areas
For kitchens, living rooms, and the family room, National Floors Direct Reviews suggests that consumers choose a hard surface that expands evenly throughout all areas. This gives a natural feel of more space to those rooms. Consumers can use a laminated hard surface, which is less expensive but very durable. Laminate is real wood that is highly compressed with many surface layers to make it scratch-resistant. Because laminate flooring is created with a dense core, and it’s long-lasting as well. The current trend is to use a gray surface because it is much easier to match with any decor that is chosen for the room. “Flooring can change the entire look and feel of a room. But consumers do not need to spend enormous amounts of money,” National Floors Direct says. “The way to accomplish that is to follow the trends and copy them to fit your specific budget.” Still, natural wood always adds value to the home and makes a great choice if your budget allows it.

Luxury vinyl planks are also an option, which is water-proof and designed very similar to laminate flooring. It is ideal for homeowners who have pets and small children because you’re not so concerned about spills or pets tracking in dirt from outside. Luxury vinyl planks are also fantastic options for bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Bedrooms and Basements Require More Consideration
Nation Floors Direct explains that when it comes to bedrooms, consumers can benefit from using hard laminate flooring with an area rug. That is a less expensive option than choosing a luxury plush carpet with high-grade padding. High-grade padding is an absolute must for bedrooms. “Consumers sometimes make carpet investments and select padding that is less-than-deal.”. “It’s a costly mistake. If the home is being built, you have a better advantage for selecting beneficial products. Don’t waste the opportunity to explore as many options as possible.”

For basements, use tile flooring instead of carpet. Basements have less cross-flow ventilation and lack ideal airflow. When combining that type of air quality with humidity, carpet is not the best option. Consumers should also consider the prospect of a basement flood occurring, especially in areas that are more prone to flooding.

About Us
National Floors Direct Reviews has more than 75 years of floor covering experience. Our company is based in Astoria, NY, and uses a business model that includes design professionals for a wide-ranging product catalog. We’re committed to offering consumers high-quality products at an affordable price. The company’s pioneering innovation is a reflection of our continued effort to be a leader in the direct-to-consumer industry.

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