National Floors Direct Reviews
National Floors Direct Gives Exclusive Insight About Flooring Trends in 2021

National Floors Direct Gives Exclusive Insight About Flooring Trends in 2021

National Floors Direct Offers Direction to Homeowners for Remodeling Decisions

National Floors Direct knows when it comes to remodeling, homeowners have many directions to choose from, and flooring remains a favored one. National Floors Direct Reviews gives insight into the flooring trends that are the most popular and cost-effective in 2021. This exclusive insight allows homeowners to have a fresh and updated look for their homes. And they can avoid making decisions about products that aren’t beneficial to use in certain areas. Consumers want the best return on their investment. And National Floors Direct reviews are reflective of the company’s commitment to being a valuable resource.

Technology and Quality Changes
Trending styles constantly shift towards the consumers’ expectations. Yet, there’s no denying the impact that technology has had on improving the quality of flooring materials. And that is benefiting homeowners immensely. Contractors typically install various flooring textures, such as linoleum in the kitchen, tiles in the bathroom, and carpet or hardwood in other areas. But composite flooring is now considered unfashionable. Homeowners prefer clean and natural flooring throughout the entire home. According to National Floors Direct Reviews, “The trends in 2021 are abundantly clear. Whether it’s the materials or patterns, homeowners want an aesthetic appearance that is more simplistic. Single flooring is now preferred throughout the entire home.”

Common Living Areas
The popularity of installing carpets has continued to decline in 2021. Until recently, some homeowners were choosing a classic hardwood entry along with the walkway and in the kitchen and adjourning family room. And carpet would be selected for the separate living room and formal dining room. Homeowners only chose hard flooring for specific areas.

But the trend has shifted towards choosing a more straightforward look with hard flooring throughout all areas, despite them being separated. Because carpet may still be preferred in the bedroom, National Floors Direct recommends that homeowners opt for frieze carpet, which is more cost-effective and has longer and looser pile fibers to reduce wear and tear. “Homeowners should choose frieze carpet with a solid color and a shorter pile,” says National Floors Direct Reviews. “The carpet fibers are twisted three to five times and can mask the traffic pattern much easier.”

Hardwood remains a top choice in 2021. But not all homeowners are willing to shell out the expense that it takes to have solid hardwood floors. Therefore, Embossed-in-Register (EIR) finishes are becoming increasingly popular. EIR finishes mimic the same features found in hardwood flooring. The natural wood plank, grain, and indentations are nearly perfected. EIR is also available for laminate and vinyl flooring, which has cost-saving benefits and provides an attractive finish for homeowners.

About Us
After nearly eight decades, National Floors Direct Reviews remains a leader in the flooring industry. Since 2005, our business model and operations have pivoted to direct-to-consumer operations with a focus on providing innovative products at cost-saving prices. Our catalog of products is curated by design professionals, and we continue to offer first-rate quality products by top brands. National Floors Direct reviews are the result of being resolute in consumer satisfaction.